The top 100 player appearances

To provide our players with a sense of achievement and a bit of healthy competition amongst themselves, we track and record the top 100 club appearances.

Top 100 board at Cinque Ports FC clubhouse
The Cinque Ports FC "Most Appearances" board

At Cinque Ports FC, we believe in encouraging our players to play as much as possible, which is why we document the top 100 club appearance each month in our club fanzine. The players love to see who’s at the top and enjoy competing with each other to nab that top spot.

We also commemorate the players who have reached 50 and 100 appearances on a board in our clubhouse (shown above). Players see making the board as a personal milestone at Cinque Ports and love to see their names up there. It gives them a great sense of pride and achievement.

Current top 100 appearances table

Lecarpentier J1218134
Love B1127121
Hogg D139110
Christian R61794
Hibbert J64193
Goodfellow B7989
Hammands B6988
Monks G11188

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