About the club

Our aim is to create a nationally recognised community centred youth football club that addresses all levels of education within football. Cinque Ports Football Club is proud to be seen as part of the local area and recognises that it can play a part in improving the lives of people
associated with the club and of the wider community.

Taken from our 2022 Mission Statement (Our mission statement)

Our club aims

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    To become a fully self-sustaining club with a permanent home

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    To provide a great standard of football for local players

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    To progress our teams up through the non-league levels

History of the club

The club has gone from strength to strength since 2010, going through 3 name changes and playing at 5 different grounds and facing both amazing and difficult times. At its core have always been individuals with great vision for what they want the club to be, who have always seen the club through the hardest times and kept it on-mission.

Read more about Cinque Ports FC’s story and find out how they got to where they are today, and our plans for the future.

The team behind the club

The club is run by the following dedicated and hardworking individuals.

  • Bob Chivington


  • Steve Bowers


  • Marc Vicary

    Director of Football

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    Peter Davies

    Club secretary

We welcome you to come and join the club. You’ll have the support of all these great people and feel like part of the club straight away.

Come and try out for a welcoming and well-run club

At Cinque Ports FC, we believe the the players come first. You’ll train with experienced and supportive managers and coaches and enjoy being part of a talented team that aims to progress and succeed.